Thursday, 16 March 2017

IMMOOC Short blog challenge - Catching 'em all

Creating a culture of permissible innovation is challenging so how do you capture the innovation that is going on? 

I regularly have a number of conversations with teachers who are buzzing after a great lesson where they've tried something new, or reflecting on what to do differently next time when it didn't quite turn out as planned, that aren't captured or shared. It would be a real bonus for our community of teachers if these could be spread further than the corridor space or their own rooms.

Here's my thoughts (nothing innovative) but I'd welcome yours. Please comment and share:

  • A staff group or personal blog
  • 'Wow' wall in the staffroom
  • 'Pineapple' lessons (staff offer a lesson for others to visit)
  • Weekly briefing meeting item - staff share something that went well (or didn't!)
  • A shared Google doc or Google form
  • Video 'Big Brother diary room' setup
It would be great to create a list of innovative ideas to capture that we can all use so please comment below.


  1. - 'Learning Walks' for pupils - encourage them to share-back / share-forward (to peers and teachers) the innovative learning that they observe...might spark conversation between staff at a later point

    - 'Innovative Chinese Whispers'(!) - willing staff to actively 'spread the word' of innovative teaching they've observed / heard about in school (maybe we need to advocate (and innovate) 'talking behind people's backs!)

  2. - Team teaching